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Boston College > News > Boston College Students Gain Valuable Experience from Police Training Exercise

 Boston College Students Gain Valuable Experience from Police Training Exercise

Boston College recently welcomed Lincolnshire Police as members of the police force and student officers worked with Uniformed Public Services students as part of their ongoing assessments.
Many of the College’s UPS students are hoping to join the police force and so this experience was invaluable to them as they were able to gain an insight into the training and assessment process they hope to one day be involved in.  Leanne Hodges, a level 1 UPS learner said: “I really enjoyed the day and I have learnt so much from the experience. It is not something you would normally be involved with and it will really help me in the future. I am currently a Police Cadet and being able to role play alongside the Trainee Officers gave me a fantastic insight into real life situations and how they are dealt with. It not only helped me gain a further understanding but also develop my skills relevant to the course.” 

A total of 30 police officers were on-site to give student officers the chance to put their training into practice in real-life settings. Student officers were presented with a five scenarios of incidents which they had to attend to while assessors took notes and prepared feedback. Boston College UPS students were able to see police training being put into practice up close by being involved in these scenarios. 

Gail Bevan, UPS lecturer, commented on the success of the day for all concerned, “It was great to watch how our level 1 and 3 learners have been able to get involved and see first-hand the training these officers receive and how they are put into practice. I am particularly pleased that we have an ex-UPS student returning today as a police officer.  The students have learned so much from this meaningful work experience.”

Senior Police Trainer Brian Williams said “It was good to see the UPS students getting involved. We are grateful to the College for making us feel so welcome. It is fantastic to be back in Boston and to have this great venue to carry out our assessments.”

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