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 International Access to Higher Education

Subject areas: Access to Higher Education; International

The International Access to HE course is a special one year course for students who want to prepare for entry into a British University.

The aim of the course is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the British University system.  It ensures that your English will be good enough to cope with University level study. You will learn how to make good use of libraries and learning resources and you will spend time improving your study skills so you can take good notes, write essays and reports, make presentations and prepare for examinations.
You will chose one main study pathway that is made up of three subjects, alongside studying IT, Study Skills and English as a Foreign Language (IELTS).

The 5 main study pathways you have to choose from are:

International Access to Business
You will study Business

International Access to Social Science
You will study Sociology and Psychology, plus ONE of the following subjects: Law, History, Counselling or English literature.

International Access to Humanities
You will study History and English Literature, plus ONE of the following subjects: Law, Psychology, Counselling or Sociology.

The International Access to HE programme is a popular course, successful completion of which allows students to enter a British University. It is important that you can meet the entry requirements to give you the best chance of success. You should:

- Be 17 years old or over
- Have ability in English language equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
- An equivalent Level 2 qualification
The course will take you one year (34 weeks), September to June to complete.

You will attend College for 21 hours per week including EFL.
Quick info:
3 Level 3
1 1 Year

Extra info

For the full diploma to be awarded you will need to compile a portfolio of assignments, which are externally moderated by Aim Awards.

Students learn by a variety of processes including theory and practice, portfolio assignments, individual and group work.
> One year fast track to University
> Choice of options to suit your needs
> Wide range of University choices at the end of the course
> On-going assessment throughout the course
> Opportunity to study with local mature students
> Lots of EFL support to help you meet the University standards.
You can apply for this course by applying online or by filling out an application form from the course guide.

For further assistance please contact the Information Officer on 01205 313218. For applications enquiries outside of the UK please contact the International Office on +44(0)1205 313212.

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