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Boston College > Courses > Dental Nursing Advanced Apprenticeship

 Dental Nursing Advanced Apprenticeship

Subject areas: Business; Health and Social Care; Science

This Apprenticeship is designed for trainee Dental Nurses who require their qualification to become registered with the GDC, (General Dental Council). 

On completion of the Apprenticeship you will achieve the City and Guides Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.
You will attend a monthly workshop delivered by a qualified Dental Nurse at Boston College every second Thursday of the month. During this time, you will complete your City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.

You will study a variety of units including:
- Infection Control
- Preparing and Maintaining the Clinical Environment
- Dental Radiography
- First Aid
- Chairside Support for Dental Treatments
- Producing Dental Images
- Health and Safety

You will also have access to IT and online support documentation.
There are no formal entry qualifications for this course.

Although you will need to be employed by a Dental Practice. If not, we can assist you in finding a placement.
As an Apprentice, you will pay no course fees. However, your employer may have to pay towards your training as well as providing you with a wage (please see below).

For information regarding employer contributions and any further costs related to the Apprenticeship programme, please call our dedicated Apprenticeship team on 01205 365701 ext 3248

All Apprentices will receive a minimum wage of £3.50 per hour within their first year of training from their employer, although they can, and often do, pay more.

In the second and subsequent years of an Apprenticeship programme, the following applies:

Under 18s – the required national minimum wage of £4.05 per hour.

18–20 year olds - the required national minimum wage of £5.60 per hour.

21 - 24 year olds - the required national minimum wage of £7.05 per hour.

25 year olds and over – the required national minimum wage of £7.50 per hour.
This course will take you 18 months to complete. You will attend College every second Thursday of the month.
Quick info:
3 Level 3
18 18 Months

Extra info

This Apprenticeship will involve completing written assignments and demonstrating practical competencies through observations. These skills will be documented in witness statements, reflective accounts and professional discussions. There are also some exam based units incorporating multiple choice questions. 
Becoming a qualified Dental Nurse can allow you to progress into roles, such as Oral Health Educator, Hygienist/Therapist and other career opportunities.
You can apply for this course by applying online, by filling out an application form from the College’s Course Guide, or you can contact the Information Officers on 01205 313218 who will send you an application form in the post.

Every effort has been made to ensure our course information is accurate throughout the website. However changes can occur to the days, times, fees and other information about our courses throughout the year, but we endeavour to update any changes to information as soon as we can.