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 Key Strategic Documents

Strategic Plan 2017-20

The Strategic Plan sets out the direction of travel for Boston College for the next three years. Colleges have an important role to play in helping to build an internationally competitive skills base and in promoting opportunities to ensure that all adults and young people are able to realise their individual potential. 

You can view our Strategic Plan by clicking in the link below.

Boston College Strstegic Plan 2013-16.pdfBoston College Strategic Plan 2013-16.pdfBoston College Strategic Plan 2017-20


Boston College Annual Report 2011-12.pdfAnnual Report 2013.pdfBoston College Annual Report 2013.pdfCommunity Learning Strategy

Boston College's Community Learning Strategy 

Boston College's Community Learning Fees Policy 2016-17


Equality Impact Assessment Strategy

Boston College's Equality Impact Assessment Strategy 

Equality Impact Assessment Strategy.pdf

Environmental Sustainability

Boston College's Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability.pdf

Annual Accounts

Boston College's Annual Accounts July 2015​

Boston College's Annual Accounts July 2016​

Boston College Annual Accounts July 2012.pdfBoston College Annual Accounts July 2013.pdfBoston College Annual Accounts July 2014.pdf

Data Protection
Boston College's Data Protection Policy
Boston College Data Protection Policy.pdf
Boston College's EMFEC Key Asks 2014
EMFEC Key Asks 2014.pdf